Saturday, February 9, 2008

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Planet Lara
Planet Lara - Home to Lara Croft pictures, pics, download, wallpapers and more! Come join the fun and our huge community forum, find out new information and new on Tomb Raider Legend and get the ultimate Lara Croft: Tomb Raider experience. All in one site, where the world revolves around Lara Croft. Don't forget to check out Tomb Raider Legend. Also, this year sees coverage of a very much anticipated game - Tomb Raider Underworld - Check out our devoted section now!

Tomb Raider Anniversary


Lara’s back and better than ever! Tomb Raider: Anniversary celebrates ten years of Tomb Raider by reinventing the original Tomb Raider game! The game’s storyline has been expanded, the levels have been redesigned from the ground up, and Lara has abilities and tools not present in the original. This is a must play for any Tomb Raider fan.

Minimum System Requirements-

* CPU speed greater than or equal to 2400 MHz
* DirectX version 4.09 or greater
* Physical memory greater than or equal to 1024 MB
* A video card greater than or equal to 64 MBmemory

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