Saturday, February 9, 2008


Lara Croft awarded in Guinness book of gaming records

Lara Croft has today been awarded into the Guinness World Records Gamers' Edition. The Tomb Raider star has scored her own double-page spread packed full of facts including fastest selling Tomb Raider game, highest grossing motion picture, most recognisable female video-game character along with trivia and information for the most ardent of fans.

One prominent entry of note is fastest Tomb Raider competition time, an accolade held by Stacy Corron who managed to finish the original Tomb Raider adventure in an incredible 2 hours, 39 minutes and 30 seconds with no less than two smoking thumbs.

Top tips are also featured, including directions to a secret treasure room hidden in Tomb Raider II. Other hidden gems include Toby Gard's classic "mouse slipped, honest Gov!" rebuttal when designing the finer proportions of Lara Croft, and a revelation that Lara Croft was originally to be named Laura Cruz in order to appeal to a wider U.S. audience.

Guinness is currently recruiting gamers HERE for sensational world records to be included in the new Gamers' Edition, launching in February 2008.

Lara's Birthday Celebration Fan Art/Fan Fiction Contest!

On February 14th it will be birthday time again for our favorite Tomb Raider lady!

To celebrate Lara's birthday, Eidos has kindly agreed to
hold a contest on the Offical Tomb Raider Forum for fans to tribute to our favorite Lady Tomb Raider! Interested, creative fans can submit either a written or artistic
birthday tribute to Lady Croft, subject to the rules below, not later than 14 FEB 2008.

The dedicated and hardworking community manager from Eidos, Keir, is providing from the underground Eidos treasure vaults
TWO extremely rare and cool prizes, one for the winner of the written art and one for the winner of the graphic art
categories- the rare, original 30cm Lara Croft statuette commissioned by Eidos for Lara's first adventure!

For more information and rules for this official Eidos promotion click HERE and enter fast as Feb 14th is the closing date!

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