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Are you stuck? Need hints, tips or a little hand-holding? Look no further. You've reached the home of the definitive Tomb Raider walkthroughs. My detailed guides have what you need to get started, get un-stuck, or find what you missed the first time through. No matter which game or which version you're playing—PC, Macintosh, PlayStation, Xbox, PSP, Dreamcast, Game Cube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, even Tomb Raider for your cell phone—the answers are here.
Learn how to control Lara, discover the locations of all secrets and rewards in every Tomb Raider game, and find out how to get around bugs and glitches. Download complete walkthroughs or print only the levels you need. To get started, choose your destination from the menu or use the search box above.
As always, your help (financial and otherwise) helps keep this site going. My sincere thanks to everyone who's contributed the site over the past 9+ years. I couldn't do it without you. Raid on! —Stella


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Tomb Raider: Lara Croft

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Tomb Raider revolves around the female archaeologist Lara Croft. Well before dictating more, let us first know about its development.
It was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive. Not many people know that it was originally released in 1996. This original version was created for DOS, PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The development of the Tomb Raider started in 1993 but it was November of 1996 the game was officially released for retail sale. Toby Gard, credited as the creator of Tomb Raider, was one among the six who developed it. Early Lara Craft was to be a male character but was changed to female because Core thought that female character could be more justified. Lara’s breast size is also the creativity by accident.
Various gaming magazines had widely praised the Tomb Raider for its graphics, gameplay, and storyline. This was also the one of the first game to be released for PlayStation, and had helped a PlayStation lot in achieving publicity. This game had also won the “Origins Award” for the “Best Action Computer Game of 1997”.
Lara Croft is in search of three mysterious Scion artifacts across the world. Four geographic locations have been specified where these artifacts can be searched for. Peru, Greece, Egypt, and Atlantis are these locations according to their chronological order.
Tomb Raider gameplay provides many features. Lara croft can hang on ledges, perform side-steps, swim, and dive besides jump, walk, run. Lara Croft, by default, also carries two pistols loaded with unlimited shells.
To control wide range of movements, like firing, picking items, pushing switches, general action button is used in Tomb Raider.
Below is the free download link to Tomb Raider. Download Tomb Raider, and play it on your PC. No PlayStation or other version of the Tomb Raider is added. To download free Tomb Raider, click the link.
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Tomb Raider 1 VS Tomb Raider Anniversary

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